Adam Hambrick on Transitioning from Songwriter to Artist with Solo Music (Exclusive)

CS Country chats with Hambrick to talk about releasing music as an artist, what it’s been like on radio tour and more.

In the country music world, more and more songwriters are taking over the scene as they embark on a new journey as an artist. One of those songwriters is Adam Hambrick, an Arkansas native whose about to conquer country music by storm.

You may not know him as an artist yet, but you definitely know Adam Hambrick’s work as a songwriter. Most notably, Adam had a hand in creating “How Not To” by Dan + Shay and “Somebody Else Will” by Justin Moore.

Still keeping songwriting close to his heart, Hambrick is officially stepping into the spotlight with solo music and is giving CS Country the scoop on what we can expect from it.

This past October, Adam released his debut single “Rockin’ All Night Long” and is currently in the studio working on his album with producers Andrew DeRoberts (James Blunt, Miley Cyrus) and Paul DiGiovanni (Blake Shelton, Jordan Davis). Starting 2019 on the right foot, Hambrick gave listeners a taste of what he’s been working on with the release of his new single “All You, All Night, All Summer.” Penned by Adam, Pete Good and AJ Babcock, the upbeat song paints a picture of summer, carefree youth and life in a small town.

CS Country sat down with Hambrick to talk about transitioning from a songwriter to an artist, new music, personal goals he’d like to achieve, and balancing being a father in the crazy city of Nashville. Read the full Q&A below and keep up with Adam be following him on Instagram at @adamhambrick.

Celeb Secrets Country: What are some personal goals that you have for yourself for the new year?

Adam Hambrick: “I’m going to be honest, I haven’t set a lot of specific goals this year. I feel like the closest thing I have to a goal is to transition into this new life as a traveling country music artist. A lot of the transition affects my wife and family so the goal is to find that level of equilibrium/balance to where I don’t feel like my life is so insane all the time.

Celeb Secrets Country: How do you juggle being a father/husband while being out on the road?

Adam Hambrick: “Technology definitely helps! I get to FaceTime my wife and daughter a couple times a day which helps and my wife is a rockstar overall. We try to figure it out day by day and we know it’s an investment of time and if you put in the time and put in the work hopefully that’ll put us in the position that we can send our kid to college one day.

Celeb Secrets Country: What was the craziest thing that happened on the past radio tour you were just on?

Adam Hambrick: The day the single came out I actually got Shingles around my eye so that’s pretty crazy. Also, the travel is crazy. I got a companion pass from Southwest just from what I did from the end of August to December. Oh and I almost forgot that one of my Regional Reps actually pumped a $100 worth of gas into a parking lot so that was kind of crazy and we thought we might light the whole gas station on fire!

Celeb Secrets Country: How did you decide to pick “Rockin’ All Night Long” as the first song you’d put out to the world as a full fledged artist?

Adam Hambrick: It’s a song that’s uniquely me but is also everybody. The song is about those late night unforgettable memories like the moments that are too good to sleep on. Some of my favorite memories happen late at night and that looks different the older you get.

Celeb Secrets Country: Did you feel any pressure stepping out on your own as an artist or did it feel secondhand since you have been writing hit after hit for some already established artists?

Adam Hambrick: “You definitely can’t say there’s no pressure. There’s definitely pressure. When you’re writing for other people there’s this emotional disconnect there but when your name is on it, you’re on it. It’s almost like if people don’t like the song, it feels like people don’t like you which is totally different cause it’s not like you’re just putting music out there, you’re putting yourself out there.”

Celeb Secrets Country: What can fans be expecting on the new album?

Adam Hambrick: The songwriting is distinctively a country storytelling tradition of songwriting. That’s the music I love. The production is on the more modern side of things but it’s still organic guitars & drums. It’s all the stuff that moves me that is a part of this record.

Written by Chelsea Cannon

Chelsea is a staff reporter for Celeb Secrets Country. She graduated in 2015 with her BA in Multimedia Journalism then spent 3 years working in radio. She recently moved to Nashville, TN from South Florida to pursue her dreams of working in the music industry!

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