Q&A: Getting to Know Indie Country Singer Kyle Daniel

The singer/songwriter opened up to CS Country about his self-titled EP, which is available now.

Kyle Daniel is a name you will definitely be hearing more often over the next year.

The indie singer/songwriter has such a unique voice that’s not only powerful, but also super infectious that will immediately have you hooked after hearing one song.

Just recently, Daniel released his self-titled EP that gives an intimate look at his life over the past two years. From life to love, lack of love, or the ability to do so, these tracks — according to Daniel — “are written from raw emotions and life-changing experiences.”

Celeb Secrets Country is sharing everything you need to know about Kyle Daniel in our exclusive Q&A below! Learn more about the process behind making his debut record, as well as what’s to come from him for the rest of the year by reading the full interview.

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You recently released your self-titled EP, what has been the feedback on it so far?

Kyle Daniel: “The response we have received from this release is almost unbelievable. It seems as though something new surfaces every day, and it is a very exciting time to watch all of it unfold the way it has. I’m very grateful for all of the love so far!”

How would you describe the sound of the EP for someone who hasn’t listened to it yet?

Kyle Daniel: “It is a solid mix of southern-Americana and country. It’s very straight ahead and hopefully, each song is catchy enough to get stuck in your head!”

You co-wrote every track on it, do you have any one in particular that is the most meaningful to you? 

Kyle Daniel: “I think each song really has a special place in my heart, but “That Somebody Ain’t Me” is probably my favorite. It is such a raw and intensely emotional song, it just levels me every time I sing it. That song resonates with me and I hope that it does with you as well.”

Who have been your biggest supporters throughout this whole process?

Kyle Daniel: “My parents, without a doubt. I don’t really think any parents want their 15-year-old son saying “I wanna be a professional musician.” My parents never batted an eye. They have been so encouraging and supportive throughout my entire career, and although it’s taken over half of my life to see the hard work really start to pay off, I know they’re beyond excited to see what’s ahead! Thanks, Mom and Dad for never giving up on this dream of mine!” 

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2018?

Kyle Daniel: “I want to tour as much as I possibly can and try to spread the music as far as it will go. I would also like to get back in the studio and start working on the full-length release if touring will allow it.”

What has been your favorite moment of your musical career so far?

Kyle Daniel: “The time I got to step foot on the Grand Ole Opry and play back a few years ago. What a rush! It was an unforgettable night that felt like it went by in a whirlwind. I looked up, and it was over. Talk about a rollercoaster ride!”

Since we are Celeb Secrets Country, what is a secret or fun fact about the EP that no one would know just by listening to it?

Kyle Daniel: “Fun fact: it only took a single session to record the entire EP. We knocked out 6 songs in an 8 hour block. Also fun fact: there is a 6th song you haven’t heard yet 😉 Maybe you’ll hear it, maybe you won’t!”

Written by Isabel Baldinger

Isabel is an intern for Celeb Secrets Country. Originally from New Jersey, she is currently living the dream in Nashville while getting her degree in Music Business from Belmont University. If she is not in class or interviewing artists, she is at a concert, at Hotbox, hanging out with friends, traveling, lounging around at Tin Roof, or eating tacos.

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