Q&A: The Swon Brothers Talk Upcoming EP “Pretty Cool Scars” and Touring with Carrie Underwood

Celeb Secrets Country sat down with the sibling duo to talk new music and life on the road.

CS Country: What is the best and worst part about working with your brother all the time?

Colton Swon: “I think the best part…well, let’s start with the worst. The worst part would be you pretty much have no boundaries when you fight. Because you’re business partners, too. But you have that brotherly connection, so what you would say or not say normally to someone in a business relationship, you know, you actually do as brothers. And you may cross the line a few times, but the good thing about being brothers is you’re always going to be brothers and you can hash it out. And the best thing is, the fact that you wanna succeed in what you’re doing, but the fact that you have someone else – meaning my brother – to do it for, it’s not just a selfish ambition. You’re wanting to succeed for him, too. So it gives you that much more drive, that much more push, cause it’s not just all about you, it’s not just a self-seeking thing.”

CS Country: What are you guys looking forward to most about this year?

Colton Swon: “I’m really excited to get this first single out and to see how people respond to it. It’s a new sound from us, a side from us people haven’t seen, so I’m just really excited for people to hear the new side of us.”

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Written by Karen McCormick

Karen McCormick an intern at Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. She is a Journalism major at Eastern Washington University. She loves country music, pizza, and all things pop-culture. When she's not listening to music or at a concert, she enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and binge-watching Friends reruns.

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