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Album Review: Tara Thompson’s “Someone to Take Your Place” EP

Hailing from the grounds of Tennessee, rising country artist Tara Thompson is putting an edgy spin on the classic genre we’ve grown to love.

Her finger-snapping tunes are a splitting image of her outspoken personality and we’re all for it! She first debuted her talents at numerous listening rooms and writer’s rounds all across Nashville. Now, Tara is ready to conquer the world with her latest work of art, Someone to Take Your Place. The EP dropped in June and is quickly capturing the attention of music lovers all around. Not limiting itself within the traditional boundaries, its snarky presence and sarcastic humor is reinventing the game. The 5-song ensemble revolves around a lighthearted, fun feel that will keep your toes tapping and your smile wide.

The track “Someone to Take Your Place” starts it off with an in-your-face attitude that kicks some serious ass to the curb. It’s the kind of song you’d dedicate to that not-so-significant other after a breakup. If you ever need a little a reminder of how awesome you are, this track will spruce you right up.

The effervescent flow continues into the next couple tracks “Side Effects” and “Vows”. Judging from the title, “Vows” sounds like a lovey-dovey tune. But once you get a taste of the lyrics, your entire mindset will do a 180 flip. In this song, Thompson sings about two newlyweds who are anything, but perfect. Through out the ceremony, people witness the bride and groom breaking their marital vows while the guests begin a betting pool of when the relationship will see its end. Imagine Panic! At The Disco‘s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, but in a southern setting. Although Tara’s sister absolutely despises this tune, I highly recommend it for you summer playlist.

The EP closes out with “Pregnant at the Prom” and “Jail”. The message woven in “Pregnant at the Prom” may not seem traditional, but it’s definitely something women now a days can relate to. Unlike the other tunes, this track focuses on a more serious matter that a lot of people oversee. With Tara’s soothing vocals and spunky twang, it’s hard not to nod your head along to the beat.

Regardless of what genre you prefer, Tara Thompson’s amusing and quirky demeanor is inspiring praise. Her music and lyrics are a total reflection of her sharp, unapologetic wit and you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for her!

Written by CS Country Staff

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