2022 was quite a year for Laura Bryna, and 2023 has already lived up to its VERY high expectations.

With her breakout single “Jawbreaker” hitting all music streaming platforms this past September, Laura’s flaming hot track is continuously getting bigger and bigger, with new remixes, TikTok dances and more emerging almost daily.

“Jawbreaker” is considered a “female empowerment tour-de-force that has you pumping your fist from the very first listen,” and Bryna herself says that it “encapsulates her very essence as an artist” and we couldn’t agree more.

“When I wrote this song, I co-wrote it with my two producers, Eric Sanicola and Damon Sharpe… It’s got a little candy twist, but definitely some sass and definitely some attitude. We got some big drums [and] some slamming guitars. It’s just all that and a bag of chips,” Bryna revealed to us backstage at CMA Fest 2023 in Nashville last month.

“It’s kind of that female empowerment, you know? It’s really taking that anthem and saying, you know, ‘We ain’t taking s**t from nobody,’ and we tell it through a little bit of candy and a little bit of fun,” she continued passionately.

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Little did she know, “Jawbreaker” would quickly become viral on social media, especially on TikTok.

“On TikTok, it’s been blowing up with some country line dances and it’s just, you know, it’s funny to see how everybody interprets the song,” the soon-to-be country star gushed.

“In the Philippines they did a whole line dance with ‘Jawbreaker.’ It was awesome just to see that it’s resonating all over the world. It’s not just here in the United States. It’s everywhere… Even if it’s just one person that likes your song or is touched by it, you know you’ve really done your job then,” Laura concluded with a grin.

As a whole, the talented singer-songwriter believes “[social media] has definitely has kept [her and her fans] connected, and it’s neat to see everybody’s response to the song… Everybody brings something new to it.”

“When I sat down to co-write the song, I was like, ‘Oh, let’s do this,’ but then it’s like somebody else has got a different meaning or they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna twist it with this,’ or on TikTok, they’ll do like a change or they’ll do a transition or they’ll do a line dance,” she dished. “Everybody’s coming up with different things, and when you’re co-writing a song, you have this one vision, and then when you see everybody else doing something, you’re like, ‘Oh, wow! I never even thought of it that way.'”


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Speaking of adding a unique twist, Laura Bryna recently took the viral track to another level with the release of “Jawbreaker – Coppermines Remix” just last month.

“These DJs are so incredible. They are artists in their own right. I don’t actually, I don’t think they get what they do because they really bring the song to a whole new level and it’s like a completely different song,” the budding songstress spilled.

In addition to this, “Coppermines is so great and such a nice guy. I am a huge fan. He brought his own interpretation to this song, and I love it with all the drops and the beats, and yeah, everybody’s been loving it, which is so great.”

Aside from the beloved “Jawbreaker” remix, Laura shared with Celeb Secrets, “Oh honey, we got stuff going on. We got a lot of stuff going on. We got some more songs [and] new music” —  We are soooo excited!

“I’m writing more, which has been great, so I’m really expressing myself, so good luck with that. Who knows what’s gonna come out next,” she concluded with a giggle.

While we anxiously await some new tunes from the musical maestro, be sure to check out our exclusive interview from CMA Fest 2023 below.

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