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Get to Know “Raw, Emotional and Fun” Singer-Songwriter Josh Ross Ahead of Becoming Country Music’s Next Big Thing (Exclusive)

The budding country star sits down with Celeb Secrets to talk all things music, touring and more.

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With exciting new music AND live shows coming up in 2023, you defintely need to keep Josh Ross on your radar.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada and currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, Ross is a budding country star who describes his musical style as “raw, emotional and fun.” After a quick shuffle of his music on Spotify, we know that you would wholeheartedly agree, as his music takes listeners “on a little emotional rollercoaster” that you NEED to check out for yourself.

In an exclusive interview with Celeb Secrets reporter Melanie Rooten, we got to know the CCMA- nominated artist for who he truly is, spilling TONS of behind-the-scenes secrets surrounding his music, live performances and plans for the future.

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Chances are that you’ve heard of Ross’ music in the past, as the talented singer-songwriter has amassed over 47 million streams in total thanks to viral songs like “On A Different Night” and “First Taste of Gone.”

He kicked off 2023 with a brand new track titled “Trouble,” and it has been coined as the “most received song from fans” so far.

To celebrate the release of the hot new track, the Ontario, Canada native served as an opening act for his good friend Bailey Zimmerman for three sold-out shows back in January. These special performances made this release extra memorable for both Josh AND for fans everywhere, but this was not the only surprise the rising country star had in store.

Earlier this month, Ross dropped the music video for “Trouble,” which, captures “the struggles of being a firefighter and going through a situation like that.”

“When you’re listening to lyrics, you’d probably expect it to be like in a bar or some sort of situation like that, and for ‘On A Different Night’ we kind of did that video situation, and we thought for this one it’d be cool to kind of do something, you know, outside the box.”

He revealed to us that initially he wanted to be a construction worker in the music video, however, after discussing with his team and deciding to take on the role of a fireman instead, Ross shared that the entire experience was “a lot of fun.”

“My six-year-old self was living it up that day,” he said with a smile.

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Known for being open and honest in his music, “Trouble” is an extremely vulnerable track.

When asked about how he channels the ability to open up in his music, Ross revealed, “It’s definitely difficult. I think, at the end of the day, you know, people are judging… It’s your art, you know, your creation, but it is definitely not just that. For me too, it’s also the feelings, so it definitely can be hard at times.”

“I’m definitely an emotional person and trying to start embracing that,” he shared with us, revealing that it is a trait that people may not expect from him. “I know most people might think, you know, maybe that’s not their first impression of me… the emotional side is something I think that a lot of people just don’t know and are slowly figuring it out, and I think that’s why people are connecting, you know, hopefully through the music.”

“I appreciate everybody that, you know, reaches out with their messages and kind of what they’re going through in life, and if my songs can kind of help that’s the most rewarding thing, honestly,” he continued passionately.

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New music aside, Josh Ross has some VERY exciting news for fans that are hoping to see him out on the road. The talented singer-songwriter will be joining Lee Brice and Tenille Arts on the Beer Drinking Opportunity Tour in April, and followed by joining Nickleback and Brantley Gilbert on the Get Rollin’ Tour throughout the summer.

“Lee’s one of my favorites growing up, and I think I’m going to, you know, learn a lot from him,” he said about hitting the Drinking Opportunity Tour. “It’ll be my first time kind of doing arenas and that kind of stuff.”

“Chad and Brantley have been so great to me,” he shared when talking about hitting the road with Nickelback and Gilbert. “We were all up for dinner a couple weeks ago, and it’s just really cool to kind of hang around them and hear stories of what they’ve been through and where they’re at, so I’m really looking forward to [these shows].”

In general, Ross is looking forward to playing new songs and seeing what people like during the live show so he can determine what songs to put on an album down the road. We’re sure he will learn so much from these musical legends along the way, and can’t wait to see him do what he does best on the road this year.

To learn more about Josh Ross and his music, check out our full interview below. Afterwards, be sure to let us know what your thoughts on budding country star by either leaving a reaction at the bottom of the post or by sending us a tweet at @CS_Country.

With writing and reporting by Melanie Rooten.

Written by Melanie Rooten

Melanie is has been an intern at Celeb Secrets since May of 2022. Born and raised in Orange County, California, she is currently a senior at the University of Oklahoma. Studying public relations with minors in both digital marketing and Spanish, Melanie dreams of working in the music/entertainment industry full-time after college. During her free time, she loves going to concerts, binging her favorite TV shows, spending time with her friends and family, and cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners.

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