As a fresh-faced, 24-year-old country artist, Ashley Cooke is no stranger to the excitement of the music industry while falling in and out of a romance. From the first flirty butterflies to the heart-breaking breakups — all while managing her budding career — Cooke has poured these experiences into a killer collection of songs that make up her debut album, Already Drank That Beer – Side A.

The eight-track project dropped on Friday, August 27, and listeners by the masses have been attracted to the collection that’s filled with relatable, infectious tunes.

And the incredible response is more than justified. As Cooke tells us in an exclusive interview with Celeb Secrets Country, there is a little bit of something for everyone in the mix.

“I can tell you that I am so unbelievably excited to honestly just put a project out in the world. I’ve been releasing singles for the last year and that was like a huge goal of mine this year because obviously all of this stuff on social media really kind of blew up this past year and I had no music out when all this happened. So I was so excited to finally record and get some music out for people to kind of go home with whenever they see a video of mine or, you know, something more to look at,” Ashley shares.

“Every song that’s on the project that I’ve written, I’ve written in the last year. So it’s very fresh. It’s very much kind of where I’m at currently in my life. I’m 24 and relationships and love are a huge part of where I’m at right now — being in relationships, being out of relationships, not wanting one, wanting one — and all of the songs really tell a story and there’s a little bit of something for everyone.”

The one-to-watch artist has been known to take her listeners through a full story of love with her music. Cooke explains that this project really does do just that and more.

“I love this story from top to bottom because I have so much more that I want to say, more than just love and relationships at some point. But just where I’m at in my life, I’ve always been told to just be so genuine and real to who you are and what you’re going through and it just felt like that was such a big part of what I’ve been through the last couple of years,” she explains. “There’s just so much in this, that again, there’s a song for everybody. There’s that song about when you first meet somebody, there’s a song about when you break up, there’s a good goodbye and there’s a first dance wedding song. There’s just so much in there that kind of hits on every point of a relationship that I hope people can relate to from all of these.”

John Shearer

Giving a taste of just how broad the hits are in this collection, Cooke has perfected a song for every kind of relationship-mood her listeners are in. And after having taken a listen to all these songs about the ups and downs of love, we can confidently declare that we absolutely love Already Drank That Beer – Side A.

You can learn more about Ashley’s latest single with Jimmie Allen and Already Drank That Beer – Side A by watching our full interview below. Not only does Cooke share some behind-the-scenes details on the album, she also gives us some insight on what’s to come for her upcoming tour dates with Spencer Crandall, which begin later this month.

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