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Noah Schnacky on the Reasoning Behind Chasing His Country Music Dream – ‘It Made Me Feel Like I Wasn’t Alone’ (Exclusive)

The 23-year-old country singer dropped his latest single “Feels Like Love” on Friday.

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Known for his romantic Country tunes and viral TikToksNoah Schnacky is a name you’ll be hearing more of in the near future.

The 23-year-old heartthrob has had an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for storytelling from an early age, so it only made sense for him to pursue a career in the arts. After uploading covers to Instagram, people from all over the world connected with Noah, resulting in a major-label recording contract and millions of streams on his original songs.

“If you saw my playlists, you would think I’m crazy,” Schnacky tells Celeb Secrets Country when asked who his musical inspirations are. “Country music found me — I cannot help but just want to express myself in the most vivid of details who I am and what I’ve experienced and what I’ve felt. To me, that’s what touched me about country; I can connect with it. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

“When I didn’t have the words, it expressed things that I needed to express, so I want to be that for others. And the only way you can do that effectively in my opinion is to just be as authentic, raw, vulnerable and confident as you possibly can. So that’s where I draw inspiration from. With the songwriting, you can look at everyone from Garth Brooks to all of the songs I grew up on from Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.”

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On Friday (June 26), Schnacky released his infectious new track “Feels Like Love.” The upbeat anthem, co-written alongside Ross Copperman and Matt Rogers, has a pulsating groove that couples lyrics of a free-spirited optimism and approach to romance that we can’t get enough of.

“[‘Feels Like Love’] is really special to me,” he shares. “I don’t believe that life should be lived by minutes — it should be lived by moments — and that song engulfs that feeling. When I think about it, there’s this verse that says, ‘let’s run this town like the cops are behind us‘ — I love the idea of living life in moments and not minutes and not letting time escape you, but making the most of every single second you have with someone. The innocence and simplicity of the chorus and talking about ‘if it feels like love,’ then maybe that’s what this is. It’s who I am when you put me in that position. When I’m next to the girl I’m head over heels for, that’s exactly what I am. Don’t overthink it, just go for it.”

“I think a lot of people are going to connect with this song. It’s going to clear the air on whether or not people love people a lot, and I like that.”

“Feels Like Love” is the follow up to the 23-year-old’s double track release last month, “Comeback” and “Where’d You Go,” giving fans a taste of what’s to come from him in the future.

“It’s so cool the way that [‘Comeback’] came out because it was exactly what I wanted it to be. It was super vulnerable for me to talk about, but I didn’t want to do it in a sappy way. It was really cool to take a rolling cadence beat that I haven’t really heard in Country music and to just try to pair that with this insecurity.”

Coming off a year-long relationship, Schnacky says that he had to choose between his two loves — his girlfriend and his passion for music — ultimately choosing the latter which resulted in writing the love song.

“I had a finite amount of time to pursue my dreams at the fullest capacity I was capable of or I could cut some of that to give the relationship the time and attention it deserved and needed to deserve to thrive,” he says about the meaning of the song. “I didn’t want to be that guy who continued a relationship on those kind of terms.  Coupling that with the fact that I have been chasing Country music since I was 12 and that I felt like I deserved to see it through and what I was capable of doing, I knew I needed to lay it down and move on.”

“I then started to wonder if Country music was always the dream, or has love always been the dream and I just disguised it as Country music. That’s where ‘Comeback’ came from.

Sticking to his signature heartfelt lyrics, “Where’d You Go” has a different tone because — as Schnacky puts it — is about the future and not about the past.

“[‘Where’d You Go’] is a song about a dream I had when I was like 15,” he says. “As this young kid, I had this dream of a girl that I’ve never met before and she was everything. I don’t know what it was about her — I don’t remember what she looked like as much as I remember how it felt to be around her and it was like nothing I had ever experienced.”

“I remember holding onto that and looking for that girl in my day to day life and I could never find her. And so to this day, I’ve always kind of looked for her and its a wild thought to me that the girl I’m going to marry will most likely hear that song and may not even know that the song was created for her when she first hears it.”

Using quarantine to his advantage, Noah is currently practicing social distancing with his family in Florida by working on new music, filming TikToks, and going on virtual dates with some of his biggest fans.

“It’s been a dream [to be with my family during quarantine],” he says. “I’ve always known that my three sisters and my brother — who is my best friend who actually lives with us — can do the same thing that I’ve been doing for all these years. This quarantine has changed our family’s life. It’s really special with what’s been going on. I’m having a lot of fun working with the people I love. I’m going a little stir crazy — I would love to have a little bit of a break — but the upside of doing all of this right now is so great so I can’t complain.”

“[For the dates,] I was looking for different ways to connect with my fans just to get to know people deeper. The overall goal for me is to turn my fans into my friends. The song ‘Comeback’ is more about my past and some of the things I think about when I’m thinking about my past while “Where’d You Go” is more about my future, so I thought, ‘why not do something in the present and just for fun — since I can’t go anywhere — do a few cyber dates and try to make it special?’ I feel like there is so much negative energy going around right now that I am just so happy that I can be even a small glimmer of light in this time.”

Learn more about Noah’s music by watching our full interview below and make sure to follow him on Instagram at @noahschnacky.

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

Juliet holds a B.S. in marketing from St. John's University.

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