Rachel Reinert Says Leaving Gloriana and Going Solo Helped Her Discover Who She Really Was (Exclusive)

“It was really a time to discover myself, both creatively and personally,” she says.

Photo Credit: Susan Berry

After spending the majority of her 20’s singing chart toping hits and playing sold-out shows, Rachel Reinert made the decision to leave Gloriana and begin her journey as a solo artist. This new chapter of her career lead the Nashville native into a state of self-discovery, reflection, and personal growth — opening her eyes to life outside of a tour bus. 

“By the time that I left [Gloriana], I didn’t really have a true sense of who I was as a person without all of that. This was sort of a reawakening,” Reinert shared with Celeb Secrets Country.

And it was that reawakening that lead to Reinert’s first solo album, Into the Blue. Celeb Secrets sat down with the singer-songwriter for an exclusive interview to chat all things past, present, and future.

Rachel will be performing Into the Blue acoustically and in its entirety via livestream on Saturday, March 28th @ 9/8c. You can view it here and all proceeds will benefit those impacted by the Nashville Tornado and the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Celeb Secrets Country: In the time between Gloriana ending and now, what were you doing to find your voice as a solo artist?

Rachel Reinert: “The past four years have really been about finding myself –  not only as an artist, but also as a person. As soon as I left the band, my main priority was to write and to figure out what I wanted to say. For the first time in my adult life, I really started to actually live. I spent ages 18 – 26 living in a tour bus, in a bubble. So by the time that I left, I didn’t really have a true sense of who I was as a person without all of that. This was sort of a reawakening. Find my sound, finding my people. I had walked away from everyone that I worked with in the past, so it was a long process trying to find a new team and new collaborators. I found this amazing community of women writers. It was really a time to discover myself, both creatively and personally.” 

CSC: You have four singles out right now – all leading up to your album, Into the Blue, which is out now. What was the recording process like?

RR: “I had a really different process writing and recording this time around as a solo artist. This time around, my producer, Davis, and I would these write songs and he would start creating a demo to lay the foundation for the direction of these songs. When we figured out which songs we were really excited about, we booked studio space to record instrumentals and vocals. After that, Davis would lay his little magical pieces down. We call his touch “The Genius.” It was really a piece by piece process.” 

CSC: What can fans expect to hear on this new album?

RR: “Every song is really personal. Every song is a real story of mine. It was important to me that I be a writer on every single song and that the songs came from a real place. Part of going out and living my life was a lot of reflecting and a lot of moments of solitude. I think what people can expect is sort of that transitional phase of what my life was to what my life is now… past relationships, current relationships, I got married in the midst of all of this! So there’s a lot that’s happened and I really wanted to touch on all of those things. It’s all set to the tone of this very west coast feeling, 70’s vibe, with the heart and soul laying in country songwriting. It’s a little bit of everything, but it feels very me.” 

Photo Credit: Susan Berry

CSC: Were there any moments that stood out to you while you were recording the album?

RR: “It was honestly so relaxed. It was so fun and easy and creative. Getting to have my husband be a part of this process, too, was really neat. I really trust his opinion. I mean everyone involved was incredible. It was this great big collaboration from the songwriting all the way to the studio all the way into mixing and mastering. Everyone was just so loving and kind and respectful. I think I also just have a greater level of care and love for this album because it’s truly mine.” 

CSC: Any touring plans after the album release?

RR: “I would love to! I don’t have any plans yet, but we’re definitely trying to sort through that right now. I spent eight years of my life on the road, so being off the road for the last four years has been really strange for me. I’m ready to get back in that mode again.” 

CSC: How did Gloriana help share you into the solo artist you are today?

RR: “Gloriana prepared me for this chapter of my life more than anything. I didn’t have to go into things blind and not knowing what’s going to happen. Having that foundation has been amazing for me. Everything happened so quickly for us in the band, so i’ve had to learn a lot of patience because it has been a way slower process as a solo artist. I look at everything through a very different lens now whereas the opportunities we used to get I took for granted in a way and I didn’t fully realize that until after it was all said and done. I’m so grateful for every opportunity now. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, I’m just thankful to still be doing this for a living. It’s just all about gratitude this time around.” 

CSC: Because we are Celeb Secrets, is there anything people would be surprised to learn about after only listening to your music?

RR: “I’m really into reality TV… like on a disgusting level. Anything Bravo! Vanderpump Rules, Housewives, the Bachelor. Peter’s making some really questionable decisions this season.” 

Written by Dara Goldman

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