Q&A: Adam Wakefield Opens Up About New Album “Gods & Ghosts”

Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano

It’s been more than two years since Adam Wakefield captured our hearts on Season 10 of The Voice. From the moment of being named the runner-up, Wakefield has been hard at work in Nashville working on his debut album Gods & Ghosts and his singing/songwriting abilities are on full display with this project. 

The collection of songs is the most vulnerable Adam has ever written. Laying it all out through the music, Wakefield is finally at a point in his life where he’s ready to start talking more about his story and what he’s gone through to get here.

We sat down with Adam in Nashville, TN to go in depth about the personal project, his newly released music video for “As Good As It Gets” and more.

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Celeb Secrets Country: You released ‘Gods & Ghosts’ at the end of November. How did you go about picking the tracks for the album?

Adam Wakefield: “Honestly, it was a combination of picking my best songs that I felt worked best, and that only I could sing. It’s a singer/songwriter record, so what’s nice about that is you’re not really too worried about sticking to your “brand” or any of that stuff. So, you really just pick all of your best songs and try them. That’s the main goal is just to prove that I can write a song, so that’s how I went about it. I’ve got a pretty significant catalog of songs I’ve written over the years, so I just kind of combed through them.”

CS: Do you have a favorite track off the new record to perform?

Adam Wakefield: “‘Cheap Whiskey and Bad Cocaine’ is fun to do. We generally put it first or second in the set, and it’s a good way to just loosen up. It’s a good excuse to just turn my guitar up louder than it should be, and just mess around.”

CS: Is there a track that your fans have gravitated to?

Adam Wakefield: “They really dig ‘Breaking Strings’. It’s tough, because when you’ve got a full band and a whole group of folks, and there’s a whole bunch of electric guitars on stage, it’s like as much as I love the record, and how we produced it, people don’t want to sit around and listen to an hour, or an hour and a half, of me standing there with my acoustic guitar. The songs that kind of lean harder on the electric guitars and are louder obviously seem to go over better. [With] ‘Breaking Strings’, I just get to open tune my guitar and just smash it for about three and a half minutes, people dig that stuff. It’s got kind of a swampy feel to it.”

CSC: You just released a video for “As Good As It Gets.” how did you come up with the concept?

Adam Wakefield: “Well, we’ve been doing a lot of one-take videos lately, and it works great with our indie-label budget too. It’s a pretty simple cut and dry song about being cool with simple stuff because that’s what you’ve got. So, the idea was just to have a simple video, it didn’t seem like the right some to have a plot for or have actors playing parts in the song. So, I figured it was a good excuse to throw an awesome party out at my buddy’s ranch.”

CSC: Since we’re Celeb Secrets Country, do you have any secrets you can spill from the set of “As Good As It Gets?”

Adam Wakefield: “We didn’t have any smoke machines, we just smoked a lot.”

CSC: Any big touring plans for 2019?

Adam Wakefield: “Yeah! Actually, if you live in Georgia, there’s probably a show that will be occurring within 20 miles of you. We’ve got a lot of Georgia, Alabama, Florida dates. I’ve also got some stuff up north too. I’ve been looking for little dive bars or big honky tonks to play in.”

Written by Chelsea Cannon

Chelsea is a staff reporter for Celeb Secrets Country. She graduated in 2015 with her BA in Multimedia Journalism then spent 3 years working in radio. She recently moved to Nashville, TN from South Florida to pursue her dreams of working in the music industry!

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