Friday was a big day for country music fans. Kip Moore, Thomas Rhett, and Dustin Lynch released new albums on September 8th and it’s safe to say we can’t stop listening. Each album has a different style or theme but one thing they all have in common is the talent.

Celeb Secrets Country pick? SLOWHEART by Kip Moore. The album is unlike any other in it’s genre, in a good way. It explores a wide range of emotions with each song telling it’s own story.  The artist shows a vulnerable side of himself with tracks like, “Guitar Man.” Kip said he feels it’s some of his best work to date and we’d have to agree, he killed this one.

Listen to Slowheart

Life definitely changes for Thomas Rhett. The artist sings about life, love, and the beautiful ride along the way in his new album, Life Changes. It’s different than his previous, showing a more emotional, family man side of the artist. His song, “Grave,” tells the story of a love everyone wants to have. The album is the perfect fit to top off one amazing year for Rhett.

Listen to Life Changes

Dustin Lynch has a song for any of your moods. From love songs to heartbreak, the artist tells all in his album, Current Mood. Relatable songs like “Love me or Leave Me Alone,” and “Why We Call Each Other,” tell the story of holding on to something that you should let go of. Something we can ALL relate too at some point.  Hits like “Red,” and “Small Town Boy,” are also on the album. The playlist really has a variety of sound and we can’t leave it alone, literally.

Listen to Current Mood


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