Nashville native MARGARET ROBERTS launched the seventh annual five-day city-wide Nashville Fashion Week as the very first designer to kick off the Nashville Designer Showcase hosted at Oz Arts Nashville on opening night (4/4).

Spotlighting 15 brand new pieces during her stunning debut from her must-have leggings line, MINXX, Roberts also introduced kimonos with beautifully intricate hand-stitched detailing. Showstopping pieces included her dramatic first look – flirty black leggings split at the knees and trimmed with a regal red and white beaded lace; a tie-dyed crop top lined with colorful hand-beading, sweeping floor-length fringe with a trendy matching belt over mini mirror adorned white leggings; and her jaw-dropping closer – a dazzling head-to-toe sequin hooded kimono (that changed colors from silver to red, pink, and gold at the touch) paired with nude leggings that featured vibrant floral embroidery down each leg.

“Nashville Fashion Week was magical,” Roberts shares. “I hope everyone in the room and at my trunk shows (hosted at Levy’s and Jamie) were able to feel my heart and passion for MINXX in my new designs. It was also so exciting to give a sneak peek of my kimonos, as there’s so much more to come with MINXX!”

Fueled by her faith, Roberts also created custom biblical-inspired graphic tops to accompany her custom-designed bronze cast cross necklaces (a collaboration with Henry Duarte) to be worn by her breathtaking models. One of her powerful statement kimonos even featured a hand-painted lion surrounded by flowers on the back, as each sleeve boasted a hidden verse of 1 Peter 5:8.

Check out the gallery below to see all the photos from MINXX’s presentation at Nashville Fashion Week… 


  • Juliet Schroder

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