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Brett Young Says Boyz II Men Inspired His ‘Saddest Breakup Song Yet’ “You Didn’t” (Exclusive)

The country star challenged himself on his latest project by writing a song for everyone and not exclusively his life in the moment

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Brett Young‘s weekends are definitely look a little different these days!

The 40-year-old Country singer has been busy raising his daughter Presley with his wife Taylor while waiting baby number two’s arrival all while using these milestone moments to inspire new songs off upcoming projects like his latest EP Weekends Look A Little Different These Days

But not to worry — you don’t have to be happily married and living the dream to relate to the eight-track project. For the first time in his career, the California native didn’t want to solely write about what was going on in his life. Opening up with the baby-inspired title trackWeekends Look a Little Different These Days,” the EP moves through a variety of emotions and scenarios from a letter of wisdom to his younger self in “Dear Me” and a classic love song like “Not Yet” to a heartbreak song called “You Didn’t.”

“With this project, I couldn’t just do that because you guys would have gotten lullabies,” he laughed. “I can’t just write eight songs about Presley and be like, ‘And all of you guys that are falling in love or dealing with heartbreak, just skip this record.’ So the interesting thing writing for this project was that I had to write things that I wasn’t living in the moment, and it was a stretch, but it was a good stretch,” he shared with Celeb Secrets Country and other media sources.

The one that particularly caused Brett to “stretch” and pull from other musical influences, including Boyz II Men, was the final track and most heartbreaking song on the project, “You Didn’t,” which tells the story of a relationship where neither person did anything wrong, it just wasn’t meant to be.

“The interesting is, it’s four happily married men with families writing. All of my records have had a sad song but this is about as sad as it gets because nobody’s mad in this song. It’s the guy being like “I don’t even blame you.” And I had that title for a long time because I thought those breakup songs somehow hurt worse when nobody did anything wrong, it just didn’t work out,” he shared with Celeb Secrets Country. “I think everybody’s had that. I don’t think everybody in the world has been cheated on or everybody in the world has been absolutely obliterated, but everybody in the world has been like “I liked you and you just didn’t like me.”

Drawing most of his inspiration from his wife Taylor, Brett was able to turn back his mental clock to some painful past memories of the two during a split in the relationship where neither were sure they’d ever be back together.

“Once we started writing it was like, ‘None of us are in that place so how do we get there?’ So we just started talking about times in the past where that had happened. It turns out for me that in one or more of me and Taylor’s breakups that we had, I felt that way. And I didn’t realize that until we sat down to write that song. It’s like “I’m just in it more than you.” I’m sure there were times when Taylor felt the same way,” he confessed. “But when we started talking about it, all the guys were like, ‘been there, been there, been there.’ So even though none of us are there, not even close, we could all kind of go back in our memories to times where we were there. It was a weird kind of turn back the clock for us but in the coolest way.”

Young has a busy 2021 ahead of him, as he is set to hit the road this fall for his highly-anticipated The Weekends Tour on September 11th with special guests Maddie & Tae, Ryan Hurd, and Filmore.

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You can listen to Weekends Are A Little Different These Days now:

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