Morgan Wallen Talks ‘You Make It Easy’ Hitting Number 1 & ‘Up Down’ Going Gold

We sat down with Morgan Wallen to talk about how his life has changed in the past year.

When Morgan Wallen released his debut single The Way I Talk, he gained a lot of popularity with country music fans and artists alike! Wallen’s first experience on a major tour was opening up for the dynamic duo Florida Georgia Line in 2017. Since then, he’s not only headlined his own tour, but Wallen has acquired his first number 1 as a songwriter, and now his first number 1 as an artist!

We sat down with Morgan during CMA Fest to discuss these life changing events.

CS Country: You’ve had a very successful couple of months with ‘Up Down’ reaching the top 10 and has gone gold, which you were surprised by Jimmy Kimmel himself. What was that moment like for you? 

Morgan Wallen: It was pretty crazy because I didn’t have a clue it was going to happen. That day is already really busy, hustle and bustle, so we were hanging out and he meets everybody before they perform just real quick. He came back and he was talking to us for like 10 minutes, we were thinking “why’s he hanging out so long?” I mean, we were cool with it! And then he came and brought the plaque, so it feels awesome.

CS Country: And now you’re a number 1 songwriter with Mr. Jason Aldean’s single ‘You Make It Easy’. Where were you when you first heard that Jason wanted to pick it up as his single?

Morgan Wallen: I don’t really know where I was. A lot of times with songs they’ll say “somebodies got this song on hold”, or “they think they want it for their album.” And honestly it was never like that, Jason fell in love with the song from the beginning, and said “I want this song as my first single for my next record.” It was one of those things where I was shocked, obviously because that’s my first huge cut I’ve gotten as a song writer. My dad loves Jason Aldean, so I remember calling him and telling him, that was one of the coolest parts.

CS Country: So, you’re opening for Luke Bryan right now. Do you have a favorite moment so far? 

Morgan Wallen: It’s my first time playing stadiums, first time playing with Luke. It’s insane. It’s a different kind of feeling ya know? You walk out on that stage to do sound check and it kinda takes your breath away just looking at how big it is. But, you kind of just try to do the same thing that you do any other time, and hopefully it is received just as well on a bigger stage as it is on the ones your used to playing.

Written by Chelsea Cannon

Chelsea is a staff reporter for Celeb Secrets Country. She graduated in 2015 with her BA in Multimedia Journalism then spent 3 years working in radio. She recently moved to Nashville, TN from South Florida to pursue her dreams of working in the music industry!