Brennley Brown Opens Up About Being a Role Model to Young Girls

The 16-year-old also tells us about her experience on tour with Hayley Orrantia.

Brennley Brown has been a busy bee this year!

Since her time on Team Gwen on The Voice, the 16-year-old country songstress has been bringing her talents all over the nation by opening for Hayley Orrantia on her Strong, Sweet & Southern Tour.

CS Country caught up with Brown in between meet-and-greets and the 2018 CMA Music Festival earlier this month in Nashville where she talked about hitting the road with Hayley, what she learned from touring with her, and how she is a role model for young girls.

Check out the full Q&A below and make sure to keep up with Brennley by following her on Instagram at @brennleybrown.

CS Country: You joined Hayley Orrantia on the Strong, Sweet and Southern Tour! How was that?!

Brennley Brown: “That was so much fun! It ended in Nashville at the Wildhorse, it was a great experience! 6 weeks, 22 cities… loved every minute of it, so much fun! It was both of our first tours. It was so cool to share that whole experience with her.”

CS Country: What did you learn from Hayley while on tour with her?

Brennley Brown: “So much! Hayley is so great because we’re kind of similar in our backgrounds… she auditioned for The X Factor and then she was on The Goldbergs, so she has this history of TV. And then I was on The Voice, so we kind of connected on the whole reality TV singing competition show. We talked so much about that and how it shaped our paths. I am so happy for her and all of her success! She was like a big sister to me on the tour, very encouraging and she is so real. She is strong in who she is, and she taught me to be myself and stay confident.”

CS Country: How do you feel like you impact the lives of young girls?

Brennley Brown: “I love that you asked that question! You know, being young myself, being 16, in this industry it is so easy to get wrapped up in the status of it all. Even social media plays a really big role in that. I feel like young girls are constantly comparing themselves to people, even I do that! I have to constantly remind myself to stay true to I am and stay authentic to me. That’s really the message that I love to give to young girls.”

CS Country: Since we are Celeb Secrets Country, what is a secret about yourself that you would like to share with us?

Brennley Brown: “I am double jointed in my arm and my fingers. Sounds so weird but it is the most random thing ever. It is the first thing that came to my head. And I have horses! Not many people know that. I have two, their names are Pride and Tootsie Roll.”

Written by Isabel Baldinger

Isabel is an intern for Celeb Secrets Country. Originally from New Jersey, she is currently living the dream in Nashville while getting her degree in Music Business from Belmont University. If she is not in class or interviewing artists, she is at a concert, at Hotbox, hanging out with friends, traveling, lounging around at Tin Roof, or eating tacos.