Indigo Summer Talks Debut Album, What Makes Them Unique, and Single “A1A”

The moment that Indigo Summer has been waiting for is finally here — their self-titled debut album is available NOW!

The duo, comprised of Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix, are each experienced singer-songwriters in their own right. Edwards and Nix initially joined forces as songwriters, but the chemistry was undeniable. The two quickly started performing together – the rest, as they say, is history!

“This album is our big ‘Hello!’ to the world. This body of work fully represents the beginning of who we are. I know we will grow as artists, but this is our foundation and the house we are building is big enough for everyone,” says band member Bryan Edwards.

Aside from being their first full-length album, the record is really special to Bryan and Hope because they actually co-wrote all twelve songs on it. Produced by the Indigo Summer’s own Edwards and David Dorn, the duo was able to shape a fresh new sound.

“This is our first album as a duo. I am proud of all of the songs on this record, as well as, the unique sound we created. There are lots of upbeat, fun, beachy songs that I think will have people singing along with their windows rolled down, and then there are a few very vulnerable, emotion-driven songs. There is definitely a song for everyone on this album,” continues Nix.

Celeb Secrets Country caught up with Bryan and Hope not too long ago to talk about their big debut, how they got started as a duo, and what makes them different than all of the other groups on the market right now. Read the full Q&A and listen to the album below — you can keep up with the band by following them on Instagram at @indigosummermusic.

CS Country: Can you tell us about how the two of you met and decided to form a duo? 

Hope: “Bryan and I met while playing “in the round” at Hotel Indigo back in 2010! I had just moved to Nashville and was 19 years old and didn’t know anyone after we played we realized how much we enjoyed each others music so we decided to start writing together. We both continued our solo careers until the summer of 2014 when we were playing a lot of festivals together and singing background for each other when several people asked if we were a duo. On the way home from the last festival we decided to go for it! The rest is history!”   

CS Country: Your video for “A1A” looked like a ton of fun to film! Can you tell us about that process? 

Bryan: “I think the actors got to have a better time than we did! They all took a road trip down to Florida to film the beach scenes and unfortunately Hope and I’s schedules wouldn’t allow for it. But she and I always have a great time any chance we get, so when we filmed our scenes in this dull, gray office it was no different. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in a cubicle!”

Hope: “The video was definitely so much fun to film. ALL of the scenes of us laughing are totally real genuine laughs because it was hilarious performing in a deserted office and spinning around in an office chair! We have done several videos now with our director, Stephen and just love the creativity and storylines he brings to the song! The end of the video is my favorite when you realize the guy has been totally daydreaming this scenario the entire time!”

CS Country: What about “A1A” stood out enough for you to want to make it your single? 

Bryan: “It’s our best summer song on the album and we wanted to make sure it got out there!” 

Hope: “The song title itself I think is very catchy. This title was one of Bryan’s as he is from Florida originally (and actually had to explain to me what A1A was before we wrote the song LOL) but we feel like it’s a super laid back song that you can easily catch on to the lyrics and sing along to. It also brought a different vibe to the table that we hadn’t brought yet with any of our previous singles.”

CS Country: How would you describe your sound for someone who hasn’t heard you yet? 

Bryan: “We get compared to Lady A quite a bit. But I think we have a little bit of that with a unique twist. Both Hope and I have distinctive voices, so when you hear us you will know it’s us. I think our songs set us apart as well.”

Hope: “I would say our music is the kind of music that makes you want to sing along, whether it’s our laid-back summer songs or our songs like “Something You Miss” we always want people to want to sing along.”

CS Country: What makes you unique from other country duos? 

Bryan: “Our voices/harmonies, our songs, our friendship, etc. We are able to do be a completely well-rounded package because of those things. We aren’t boxed into one particular type of song or sound like some duos. We also have over 15 years of combined solo act experience that many do not have.”

Hope: “It’s kind of silly, haha but I think one of the things that make us the most unique is that we are in fact not married or a couple at all haha. Bryan has a gorgeous wife and I am engaged to be married next year.”   

CS Country: We are very excited for your upcoming album! What can people expect from it? 

Hope: “So are WE!! We have been working on this album for quite some time. In fact I think the first song we wrote that got picked for the album was about 3 years ago! We wanted to create something that we were so proud of since this is our debut album as a duo. We want anyone of any age to be able to relate to one of these songs or just in general enjoy them. We have some upbeat summer songs, and some songs that bring some depth to the table.”

CS Country: Why is it important to you to have all original songs on your upcoming album? 

Bryan: “Honestly, we will record any song that fits who we are (and it great). But it starts with knowing who you are and showing people who you are. So, with our first project, we wanted to make sure we put our best foot forward.”

Hope: “I think one of the reasons is because we want to show that beyond being artists we both love writing and want to show our creativity as songwriters. Bryan and I enjoy writing together just as much as we enjoy performing together!”   

CS Country: Since we are Celeb Secrets Country, what is a secret/fun fact that you would like to share about yourselves or one another? 

Bryan:  “While Indigo Summer is my ultimate passion and pursuit, I also own several other businesses in the music industry and skin care business with my wife, Jessica. And also, I am a 9-time fantasy football champion.”

Hope: “A fun fact about me is I am secretly (or not secretly if you’ve seen our Instagram) a huge dog lover! I have been rescuing and fostering dogs in Nashville since 2014! I also love hot yoga and baking!”

Listen to Indigo Summer’s new album below:

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

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