Cale Dodds Makes Major-Label Debut with Double-Sided Single

Listen to “All Over/Lying” now!

After a year filled with songwriting – and song singing – Cale Dodds is bursting from the gates on the count of two with his Warner Bros. / Warner Music Nashville debut double-sided single, “All Over / Lying.”

The rising country artist co-wrote both his first new major label offering “All Over” and “Lying,” the viral hit he is re-releasing in celebration of this milestone.

“In my songs I try to pinpoint moments that people think about but don’t know how to verbalize,” said Dodds. “I love when people say ‘that’s exactly how I feel’ or ‘that’s what I think about all the time, I just never knew how to say it.’ I take pride in being observant, seeing as much life as I can, freeze framing those moments and documenting them in my music. I think ‘All Over’ and ‘Lying’ are examples of moments that are honest and true to me, and I hope that they resonate with people.”

Listen to “All Over/Lying” below… 

Written by Juliet Schroder

Juliet is the founder and executive producer/host of Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. When not reporting on the latest news in pop culture and country music, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring the latest fashion trends.

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