We Can’t Leave Dustin Lynch’s Emotional New Single Alone

We love it and know you will too.

Dustin Lynch released new music and we can’t stop listening!

The country singer surprised us with an emotional love song and a slower sound; one we are on totally board with.

His new single, “Love Me or Leave Me Alone,” shows a vulnerable side of the artist. With lyrics like, “hold me or just let me go,” the song is sure to give you all the feels.

All we know is, Dustin Lynch can cry on our shoulder any day and we want more of this new music.

You can listen to his new single, “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” below…

Written by Taylor Stanford

Taylor holds a BA in Journalism & minor in communication studies.
She has a background in broadcast TV and digital marketing. With a passion for music, she loves to chat with artists about their work. She finds joy in travels, good conversations, & vinyl records.