Brett Eldredge Shares the Meaning Behind “Castaway” and “Love Someone” from Upcoming Album

Brett’s third-studio album “Brett Eldredge” will be available on Friday, August 4th.

We cannot wait for Brett Eldredge‘s new self-titled album to come out on August 4th!

To hold us over until then, we have some words from Brett regarding two of his songs that are already available — “Castaway,” and “Love Someone.” Just when we thought we couldn’t love Brett anymore than we already do, he released these songs and won us over once again.

“Love Someone” is an upbeat song that makes for the perfect album opener! Brett revealed that this tune is “about the simplicity of love.”

“You know love is actually, when it comes down to it, a very simple thing. What are those things that you look for most in a companion? It’s someone that keeps you warm at night, that’s always there for you,” Eldredge says. “Somebody that laughs at the way you dance – they think it’s funny but they love you for it. They smile when you’re holding their hand. This is one of those first-listen kind of songs that just makes you smile, makes you feel good, makes you want love if you don’t have it and makes you happy to be in love if you are.”

Listen to “Love Someone” below…

“Castaway” is already one of our favorite songs of the year; we played it on repeat for hours as soon as it came out! This slow and sad song is something that is completely different from Brett‘s “Love Someone” and “Somethin’ I’m Good At.”

Brett said that “Castaway” is “the story of how you go through something for so long on your own and think that you need to continue to chase it, but you get so far away that you’re deserted. You’re a castaway. You figure out the thing you needed the whole time was love. I think more than this being about some certain person, this song is my story, my relationship, my letter to love.”

You can watch the video for “Castaway” below…

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Written by Isabel Baldinger

Isabel is an intern for Celeb Secrets Country. Originally from New Jersey, she is currently living the dream in Nashville while getting her degree in Music Business from Belmont University. If she is not in class or interviewing artists, she is at a concert, at Hotbox, hanging out with friends, traveling, lounging around at Tin Roof, or eating tacos.