Joe Denim Spills His Dream Collaboration and Dishes Plans for 2017

At the 2017 Country Radio Seminar, Celeb Secrets Country caught up with singer/songwriter Joe Denim, the man behind the country hit, “Pray for You” – made famous by Jaron And The Long Road To Love.

Joe chatted with us about life as an artist, his dream collaboration, and his plans for 2017!

Joe’s latest single, “If I Had a Million Dollars”, is a country version of the song made famous by the Barenaked Ladies.

I heard the song a long time ago and I thought it was a country song. I thought, it needs to be on country radio. So I went back and cut it from 6 minutes down to 3 minutes and there you go! Its a great song!” said Joe.

I’d like to see how high we can get the song on radio. “If I Had A Million Dollars” is up there, it just got picked up by CMT. So Id like to see how far we go.

For those who haven’t heard Joe’s music, he describes it as a mix between Toby Keith and Uncle Kracker. “Its like you’re sitting on a boat, sitting on a tailgate, its kind of a soundtrack to that,” says Joe.

Check out this fun video Joe posted on his Instagram, where he did a mashup of Beethoven and Led Zeppelin!

When the songwriter isn’t writing or playing piano, he’s outdoors hunting or fishing.

No phone, there’s nobody trying to get to you, its just that peaceful time. Everything we do is just so fast paced and so busy, its just nice to have that chill time,” said Joe. 

As for what fans can expect to see in later this year? A lot touring!

Were gonna be out doing a lot of cool shows with the Boys and Girls Club of America. Its called the family matters tour and were all coming down through the southeast, doing shows up in Iowa, the midwest. Well be all over the place playing a lot of fun music,” said Joe.

Keep up with Joe Denim by following him on Twitter at @DenimJoe.

Written by Karen McCormick

Karen McCormick an intern at Celeb Secrets and Celeb Secrets Country. She is a Journalism major at Eastern Washington University. She loves country music, pizza, and all things pop-culture. When she's not listening to music or at a concert, she enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and binge-watching Friends reruns.